Is Emotional Eating Simply a Habit?

by Katherine on June 4, 2014

Emotional eating isn’t necessarily “bad/negative” – we eat to celebrate birthdays, we have a drink to celebrate a promotion – it’s emotional eating in excess that we need to pay attention to. Not to judge it, but to recognize when we do it and get to the WHY. It’s likely a response to a feeling you can’t sit comfortably in.


While I often drink a glass of wine to celebrate or decompress, tonight after hosting an interview I celebrated by taking time to exercise. I’m not saying having a glass of wine would have been bad! Intuitively I didn’t want the glass of wine, that was habit. What I really wanted was rock out some weights in my living room.

Take a step back when you find yourself stuck in certain habits and question whether that is really what you want and if it is helping you reach your goals and increasing your happiness! 

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Hi! Happy Monday. I wanted to start of the week by sharing with you a dose of health! 

I want you to be the healthiest version of you and to live each day with the energy you desire as well as help prevent and prolong disease in your beautiful life!

excitement on the beach rocking a healthy life


The truth is even when you consume organic, local, non-GMO, clean whole foods you can never access all of the micronutrients that your body requires thrive. If you are not supplementing with high quality supplements, you are more than likely in nutrient debt! Yes debt. Your body requires nutrients for every single process, if you don’t take in enough through your diet/supplementation, then you go into debt. It’s not the kind of debt that is actually an asset like a house – it’s the kind of debt that eats away at you, literally.

Now you might be thinking “What the heck is this crazy nutritionist talking about, I get 100% of my intake of vitamin C in my glass of Orange Juice daily”. Now I won’t get started on the quality of the OJ nor the synthetic vitamins added in, but I will tell you that the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) are the amount of vitamins that the average body requires simply to survive.

  • RDA of Vitamin C is 40 to 125 mg per day
  • Optimal levels are 1,000 mg per day
  • moral of the story – that’s a lot of OJ, and a LOT of sugar to get the optimal levels

I can bet that all of you reading this you do a heck of a lot more than sit around on the couch all day! You probably exercise, have a career, experience stress, have a family history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or another major health condition, and certainly ALL OF US are exposed to environmental pollutants. RDAs are simply not enough to optimize your health! 

P.S. I offer a FREE health assessment so that you can find out what your body needs most! Comment below or contact me :)


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